SOLD! 1998 Diamond HK36TC

N526TC motor glider

1998 Diamond HK36TC with wing folding kit – N526TC – SOLD! A major restoration has just been done on this 1998 Diamond HK36TC motorglider after a minor landing accident in Ohio. All life limited repairs have been accomplished so it … read more

SOLD! 2002 Distar Tricycle Gear Lambada

N302AH Distar Lambada motor glider

2002 Distar Tricycle Gear Lambada – N302AH – SOLD! This aircraft is an undiscovered gem! It is only for sale because the owner needs more hangar space and already owns and loves to fly his other Lambada! It will sell … read more

SOLD! 1998 USAF striped HK36TTC

1998 USAF striped HK36TTC (turbo) – N638TT – SOLD! This is a graceful sailplane, the HK 36 TTC Motorglider: Wingspan 54 ft Glide ratio 27:1 Cruise speed 120 KTS at 75% with 5.7 Gal/Hr Best glide speed 57 KTS Rotax 115 HP … read more

Motorgliders vs. Light Sport Aircraft (LSA)

motor glider flying near clouds

Reasons hands down to fly a motorglider rather than a light sport aircraft (LSA). Fly in a proven, certified airframe with a standard airworthiness certificate – utility category. Fly above 10,000 feet MSL – in fact powered or un-powered soaring … read more