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Sedona in Winter" "Sedona in the sunset" "Sedona Rocks


SEE Sedona's magnificent Red Rock formation with unobstructed panoramic visibility

       SOAR like the majestic eagle and float in profound silence above the world below

              EXPLORE sacred vortices in reverential privacy and quiet--but from above...

Experience the ultimate escape and much more while enjoying the splendor of Sedona's Red Rocks in magical unhurried flight in our graceful powered sailplane. The second half of every Sky King flight is powered solely by nature's energy and her gentle uplifting winds.

You have never known such freedom!  Let the skill and knowledge of Sky King carry you. Come to Sky King Soaring where you choose your experience--personalized sightseeing, gliding gracefully in slow flight, harmonizing with nature, or circling silently over the energy of the vortices in search of your own spiritual serenity.

The following available scenic tours from Sedona, AZ, may be arranged for a nominal ferry charge of $120 since our office is in Payson, Arizona.

Songbird:    An enchanting 12-minute adventure over the scenic Mitten Ridge ending with an incredible silent glide from Capitol Butte to the airport for a perfect engine-off landing.  No one offers this tranquil finale but Sky King $99

Penny's Favorite:   Explore even more of the Red Rock formations that make Sedona famous including a delicate circling of Cathedral Rock and Bell Rock vortices.   See the elk-inhabited Munds Mountain Wilderness Area on this 20-minute adventure.   $129                                                      

The best of all - Flying Crown:   By far the most requested flight, this half-hour adventure takes you to all of the above destinations plus a thrilling two-canyon adventure (wind conditions permitting).  Soar above Sterling Pass and feel the  energy of the Boynton Canyon vortex.  This flight will be the thrill of your life!  $159


Grand Canyon - Personalized tours of the Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, and Page, Arizona are available to you if you become a student pilot under Sky King Soaring.
Personalized tours on request.

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    Russ Hustead, CFIG, Owner       

Questions?   russ@skykingsoaring.com