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Russ Hustead with Motorglider Xtreme

Meet Your Pilot Russ Hustead:

Whether flying behind the dependable turbo-powered Rotax  914 in Sky King Soaring's™ beautiful Diamond Xtreme, or enjoying the uplift of an Arizona thermal in a conventional sailplane, Russ Hustead loves soaring flight.   

Russ has accumulated over 6500 hours since he soloed in 1975, and has been an aircraft owner for over 20 years. During his last 13 years in Arizona, he has become a soaring enthusiast and earned his flight instructor rating in gliders in 1994. With over 3500 hours in the Diamond Xtreme, he is truly the specialist in this make and model. 

Russ also is expert in the Stemme and Ximango motorgliders.  

Russ has checked out FAA inspectors - when the FAA needs flight training they come to Sky King Soaring! In fact Russ was chosen by the FAA to train the FAA inspector who must certify the examiners who conduct checkrides in motorgliders.

For a letter of reference, click here to read what an FAA examiner thinks of Russ!

Russ over New Zealand

He can't wait to take off under the power of his own motorglider and shut off the engine as soon as he finds his first thermal. In Arizona, a five-hour flight without power is readily accomplished in the summer, and flights to and from the Grand Canyon are often possible without a drop of avgas.  There's nothing more exciting than getting a hundred miles a gallon from a motorglider!    

Fly and enjoy your next (or first) thermal with him and you'll understand his love of flying! 

Let a Sky King flight remove you from the stresses of ordinary life! 

Jeff Puckett, a Diamond Aircraft distributor, writes:

Sure recommend Russ for anyone thinking about that glider add on. Great guy, great pilot, great instructor. 

He helped me big time. Payson/Sedona area is a glorious place to fly the Xtreme motorglider.

Regards, Jeff 

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    Russ Hustead, CFIG, Owner       

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