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 ´ Soaring over Payson" "Sunset at Payson Airport

Scenic Tours from Payson, AZ, the Home Base of Sky King Soaring

Songbird:  A delightful 12- minute flight heading northwest over Tonto Natural Bridge, back southeast circling over Payson,  then an engine-off glide returning to the airport. Great photo opportunity for your home and the beautiful Rim!   $89

Penny's Favorite:    Explore even more northward toward Strawberry, Pine and the Mogollon Rim on this 22-minute journey. You will see remnants of the Zane Grey cabin as well as a great overview of the lush ozone-free Tonto National Forest. You will soar to silent altitudes and glide back engine-off.   $109                                                                                                   
Flying Crown:   Our most requested! Come dance "the skies on laughter-silvered wings1." 

A grand 35-40 minute adventure combining Songbird with Penny's Favorite and more! Silent gliding (October-February) and soaring like an eagle (March-September...or whenever favorable conditions exist). Every landing is engine-off and glassy smooth when you fly with Sky King Soaring.   $129


Customize your own flight!   Be your own Captain! YOU choose what YOU want to see and the length of your flight. Prices to suit any budget. 

Professional flight instruction is included for those who wish to "slip the surly bonds of Earth1" by themselves. Please see information under "Instruction".  

1. Excerpts from High Flight by John Gillespie Magee, Jr.

Mt. Navaho out of a motorglider

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