SOLD! 1998 Diamond HK36TC

1998 Diamond HK36TC with wing folding kit – N526TC – SOLD!

A major restoration has just been done on this 1998 Diamond HK36TC motorglider after a minor landing accident in Ohio. All life limited repairs have been accomplished so it should be maintenance free for the new owner. It has 2300 TT and 250 TTE (certified Rotax 912, SN 4.410.963, 10/2012 manufacture date, mid 2013 install date new). The fully feathering propeller is newly overhauled. The canopy was replaced with new as the old one accidentally cracked during transport to NM. You can see me below removing the canopy protection for its first flight. A crack in the tail was repaired by a master fiberglass genius Fidel Ramirez of Air One Composites in Moriarity, NM. It has a new right main gear leg and wheel fairing. The other wheel fairings were restored by Fidel to “as new” quality.

Inside the cockpit is mostly standard Diamond IFR instruments- working AI, T&B, and DG. The variometer is a Winter TE type. The pitot tube was changed to TE and is new. The manifold pressure gauge has been replaced with a new one.

It is also one of the rare ones that has a wing-fold kit installed.

This will make a nice ship for somebody who likes the strength and safety of the Diamond product.

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