Flight Instruction Rates...

Learn to Soar!!  Adding a glider rating to your SEL or PPL.  Cost is approximately $2000-2500 for a private add-on and $2500 for a commercial add-on.    No medical is necessary to fly a motorglider.  This is particularly important to those who have lost medicals or to those who don't qualify for a light sport rating.

    In our aircraft 

    The Diamond Xtreme charge is $109 per Hobbs or flight hour, and $50 per hour for flight or ground instruction.  

    We train at all levels - private, commercial, or flight instructor (CFIG).   

    Students from abroad  -  Expect to spend approximately $5000 for a private glider rating and $6000 for a commercial glider rating.   Costs may be less if you have previous flight experience and are quite fluent in English.

  • Ferry charges to your location are $79 per hour...which is 1/2 the dual rate... from Payson, AZ.

    In your aircraft

    In your aircraft, Sky King Soaring™ can fly with you for $60 per hour for flight or ground instruction, or

    $400 per day plus expenses at your location.


Above, Dr. Bob is congratulated by Terry Claussen, FAA Examiner after he passes his checkride!

Below, Russ gets the opportunity to visit cousin Charlie at Herlong Airport in Jacksonville, Florida while training pilots in Daytona Beach!

Hank, age 80, gets his logbook signed after he passes his checkride in Houston, TX

Bart of Ontario, CA looking proud of himself after passing his checkride!


Norman from Mexico City!  Can I fly this for my checkride? 


Dr. Neal, the handsome prominent Scottsdale psychologist above on the left, was the person who introduced Russ to powered soaring!

Marilyn and David take a break from valley temperatures for a drive up to Payson and their first soaring rides!

Dan of Oklahoma with Tom Allen, FAA Examiner after passing his checkride!  Congratulations Dan!

Lovely folks Lynn and Dan from Oklahoma prepare to return home in their Baron after a week in Payson while Dan earned his glider rating!













Below Brady lands with his fabulous smile after his first soaring flight!



Norman receiving congratulations from FAA examiner Terry Brandt!

Below, Dr. Mike of Phoenix ready forceiving instruction in his Super Ximango!


Another perfect engine off landing  in beautiful Payson!